At this time of day, the children are using the toilets in preparation for lunchtime. Please be reminded that Parents / Carers are not allowed into the children's toilets.


For those of you with children that arrive at Pre-School at lunchtime, please can we ask that you say goodbye to your child, before encouraging them to take themselves to wash their hands, prior to sitting down for their lunch.


We always try to promote and encourage independence, so we would therefore ask that Parents / Carers do not open lunch boxes for their own or anyone else’s children. Also, some of our children have severe food allergies, for this reason the children are all aware that they must not share food.


There is a member of staff at each table with the children while they eat their lunch. They will encourage the children to eat their healthy option first. Any support with this by talking to your children at home/on the way to Pre-School would be greatly appreciated.


Lunchtimes are a very important part of the children’s day at Littleport Community Pre-School, and it is very important that the children have a healthy, balanced lunch. So we would therefore advise you not to pack chocolate, sweets, crisps and sugary drinks in your children’s lunch boxes.



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